An Innovative way
to take back control of
your 401(k)

Discover a brand new approach to investing your workplace retirement plan account.

You can increase your chances of having more money during retirement by making investment choices with skill and care. Retirement investing does not have to be like throwing darts at a dartboard while blindfolded.

You do not have to settle for retirement “staycations” because of poor investment performance or poorly managed investments.

You may travel and enjoy the retirement vacations of your dreams with the help of 401(k) Maneuver!

In order to supercharge your 401(k), you should ideally start with the following three tips:


When it comes to the market, we all know that the only constant is change. So, the stock or mutual fund that you chose last year – or even last quarter – may or may not necessarily still be going in the right direction for you. But having an expert take a look at your account on a quarterly basis, and rebalancing when necessary, can keep you on course, both now and down the road.

Avoiding TDFs
(Target Date Funds)

Many companies’ 401(k) plans will use Target Date Funds, or TDFs, as their go-to, or “default” option. That’s because TDFs will automatically reallocate as you move through different life stages. But, whoever said that a one-size-fits-all investment works well for everyone? The reality is that Target Date Funds will often underperform and do not do a good job of managing downside risk during tough markets. Is that a risk that you want to take with your retirement assets?

Independent Advice

In most cases, employers “help” their 401(k) plan participants by handing them a brochure that goes over their investment alternatives. But that’s about as far as it goes. So, it’s likely that most – or all – of your 401(k) investments weren’t very well researched before they were chosen for your account. Imagine, though, if each and every dollar in your 401(k) account was invested, based on a strategy that was developed for your specific goals and objectives. That’s what getting independent advice can do.

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