Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about 401k professional account management? We have answers…

What does 401(k) Maneuver do that I may not currently have access to?

The 401(k) management tool is provided by an independent investment advisory firm. We simply manage your account for you.

What makes 401(k) Maneuver different?

Most account management programs manage solely based on your age and expected retirement date.

401(k) Maneuver believes a “one size fits all” strategy may be harming your 401(k) account performance. We manage your account based on your personal risk tolerance and current economic and market conditions.

Will I see immediate results?

Possibly. The real value will be seen over time as 401(k) Maneuver works to help you better protect your account during bad markets and improve performance when markets are good.

Check out our 401(k) calculator to see how professional help may improve your retirement future.

Is there anything new to learn?

No, we do the research and rebalance your account quarterly.

What is the benefit of rebalancing my 401(k) every quarter?

Research shows that quarterly rebalancing may increase your chances of having more money in retirement. The “buy and hold” strategy may no longer work.

Do I have to move or transfer my 401(k) account?

No, your account does not move. 401(k) Maneuver simply manages it for you where it is.

Will my investment choices be different?

401(k) Maneuver will provide our recommendations based on your current plan investment menu.

Is my account secure with 401(k) Maneuver?

Yes! The security of our online platform is our highest priority . We do not have access to nor do we store your username and password. We do not have the ability to make distributions out of your account.

How do I link my account so 401(k) Maneuver can manage it for me?

You will be provided a unique link to connect your account when you decide to enroll.

When you link your account, our system automatically changes the primary phone number associated with your account. This is to maintain the security of your account and is normal. You will continue to receive notifications directly from your retirement account provider.

How long after I enroll will 401(k) Maneuver rebalance my account?

When you enroll, our team will review and rebalance your account within 5 business days. After that, we will review quarterly and rebalance, as necessary.

Click here to enroll.

Can I really do this without talking to a financial advisor?

That is one positive benefit of 401(k) Maneuver. There is no need for uncomfortable meetings with a financial advisor. Based on an online risk tolerance assessment and current market conditions, 401(k) Maneuver simply manages your account for you.

What is the cost?

Your estimated cost to use 401(k) Maneuver is based on the value of your retirement account initially, and your monthly credit card payment is adjusted based on your retirement account balance at the end of each calendar quarter.

Your estimated cost ranges from .15% to .25% quarterly, depending on your account value.
Click here to calculate your estimated cost.

How do I pay?

401(k) Maneuver is paid monthly via credit card authorization.

Does 401(k) Maneuver make commissions?

No, as fiduciaries, 401(k) Maneuver receives no commissions. 401(k) Maneuver simply manages your account for you based on your personal risk tolerance, current market conditions, and the menu of investment choices made available by your employer.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is someone in a position requiring them to act in your best interest and disclose any potential conflicts. Read more.

Why is independent advice important?

Advisors who are independent work directly for you as opposed to having an obligation to the investment firm they work for. This puts 401(k) Maneuver on the “same side of the table” with you. Read more.

Can I use 401(k) Maneuver if I leave my employer plan?

Yes, if you change jobs or retire, 401(k) Maneuver can continue to help.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can communicate with your 401(k) Maneuver representative or with 401(k) Maneuver directly. Email us at to cancel.

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