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17 Easy Ways to Teach Kids about Money

As if the kids haven’t already been home enough lately, now many parents are stuck with them at home for this new school year. If your kids are virtual schooling and you’re panicking, wondering “How will I work, run the house, make sure schoolwork is completed,...

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14 Online Fraud Prevention Tips

The sad truth is that many people do not take online fraud prevention tips seriously until after they have been a victim.  No one wants their identity stolen or their bank account hacked.  But it’s happening more and more every day. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III),...

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10 Unusual Facts about the 4th of July

Grilling out, playing yard games, and watching fireworks are activities we look forward to on the 4th of July. While many of the 2020 firework celebrations have been canceled--the 4th of July isn’t. We’ve been celebrating our great nation’s Independence Day since 1776, and we aren’t...

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